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At Daughters of Destiny We're Working Hard to Discover Our Purpose

At Daughters of Destiny We're pursuing our purpose and working towards success! Academics and Scholastic endeavors are at the top of the chart. And we're working towards personal, spiritual, and professional challenges too!

We're diffidently not saying that all of our past or present members are perfect but what we are saying is that they are working actively on becoming better human beings that operate with character, integrity , and with an understanding that anyone who wants to change has the ability to become 'Positive and Productive' in their   actions, behavior, choices, and in their decision-making processes. It's not always easy to accept the choices of your past (at whatever age you are) but when you learn new skills, and develop a sound understanding of good character therein lies the opportunity to unlock the door and create change. Choices, how can you make better ones if you're not even aware of the difference between good ones, poor ones, and one's based on bullying, peer pressure, and closed options?

At Daughters' of Destiny we want to offer genuine options, opportunities, and committed, dedicated role models.




































































































































































































































  Daughters of Destiny enjoying  Cotillion Gala 2014                    

The Cotillion Gala 2014 was 'A Night to Remember". Miss Shacha was our Mr. G. LeGrande Scholarship recipient . Miss Ketnie was our 100% GPA Scholar with the most improved GPA score and Miss Kiearra was the Outstanding Rose Graduate  with her 6.3 GPA. Miss Kiearra missed the Cotillion Gala because she has begin to attend her College of choice to begin her journey to become a Pediatrician. We had outstanding sponsors and event assistance for Daughters Cotillion Gala 2014 and the evening was exceptional!

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Many people see the gowns and the smiles but will never know what these girls have overcome to" Walk in White" you will not hear what they suffered or how they have survived. I would say to you what I often say to them," It doesn't matter where you came from! What matters is where you're going!" Its so challenging to get them to focus on what they're walking towards without looking backwards. We strive to get them to walk towards success and walk away from the brokenness of their past.






































































































































































































































I'm Determined to Succeed Daughters of Destiny members are working hard towards success on more levels and in more ways than we can identify! Miss Cierra has the joy of being a performance dance at her school, becoming Cee Cee the Caring Clown when we visit and serve at Orphanage's, Homeless shelters' and Youth Ranches. She takes her Community Service vey seriously and values what' she gives as much as she gains in offering skits, and rhythmic performance to offer peer instruction, encouragement and inspiration to our community charges on our service visits. She is learning and she is also the teacher. Great job Miss C ! Don't talk at this young lady. Please speak with her and support her growth and opportunities for continued academic, spiritual, personal, and professional growth. Her goals and aspirations to make a continued difference in her community, graduate from school with honors and become a psychologist. She's working hard to succeed! She has over 400 Community Service hours! Can you say 'Wow!' I can.





































































































































































































































 Cotillion   Fun                        

These Daughters of Destiny members enjoyed a night of honor, recognition, and memories that they will forever share. We enjoyed great food, dancing, and elegance. For many of our young ladies this was their first time dressing so elegantly. For some of their escorts it was the first time they were dressed in formal tuxeudos. Father escorted daughters in and formally introduced them for the beginning of an evening that was simply stated 'A Night to Remember." As the girls danced the night away with their fellow daughter's sister's, escorts, and family members we just couldn't believe how beautiful they all looked and how much fun they all seemed to be having. As challenging as preparing and fund raising for this Cotillion Gala was there was nothing that compared to the joy, beauty, and wonder that these young ladies expressed as they walked into this Ballroom and were formally introduced by their Father's and Father figures for the first time in their lives. High school graduates and Daughter's members who were level graduating and then the "Cote'De' Tate' the 'Cross Over Ceremony with their Mother's and Mother Figures was so tastefully done. Words can't express the tears flowing, and loving words that were exchanged between father's and daughter's and mother's and daughters on this elegant and touching evening. Photo's were taken by Joe's Photos of Tampa and they are magnificent! go online to view them and purchase them at www.joephototampa.com.    One thing is for sure Daughters' Cotillion Gala 2014 was and will always be a night to remember.






























































































































































































































News, News, News!

Daughters is Doing It's Part to Try To Make a Difference in Tampa Bay


Community Service At Daughters of Destiny 

We've learned that helping our community is a jump towards helping ourselves. At Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment we use the scripture that "It's more blessed to give than it is to recieve."  Are you just looking to gain in this world or are you endeavoring to give back? Mother Teresa once said, "I never learned to live until I learned how to give." Developing good character and strong citizenship requires that we look outside of ourselves and our selfish desires to help meet the greater need of our brothers and sisters amongst us and around us and serve them as we would like to be served and treated ourselves. This is quite the example of Christ's love and what it means to be Christ-like.

What example in compassion, humanity, and brotherly love do you set? If it's one to be proud of congratulations but if you need to shine a little brighter come help us learn to shine too.

Parent's Can be Involved To

This is Min. L. Howse with a parent Ms. Cheryl Joseph. She is the President of  Daughters 's Parent's Advisory Board. Our parent's have a voice and an opportunity to be of great aid and assistance in our non-profit organization. They may help with fundraising, or in some elements of program supervision, or classroom assistance. We allow them space and opportunity to help us make a difference in the opportunities offered to their daughter's and in the Hillsborough County community .

We're delighted to be able to host Mother and Daughter special date days and Father and Daughter Date days as part of our developmental curriculum and also just for a chance to have  bonding moments within Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment involving our parents in the process of our growth.



Power of A Princess Empowerment Fashion Show- June 2011

Exciting! What a night! We had several members participate in Ms. Cato's 'Women Iderntifying Themselves- Power of A Princess Empowerment Fashion Show in June of 2011. This was a night of fun , education, and empowerment. We learned and experienced so much! Our young ladies were simply beautiful! And they made Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment very proud! We hope and pray that we have the opportunity to continue to support organization such as "Women Identifying themselvess through Empowerment." We don't want to be selfish and desire 'change' and growth for only ourselves. We desire to be agents of change for others!

Making New Friends at  Daughters of   Destiny Camp 2012

Wow, camp is just about over! We've come to our comcluding weeks and wow it's been interesting and exciting! We've been busy learning and growing and also learning to give back to others in the Tampa Bay area. One of our greatest lessons this summer has been not just focus on our growing desires and needs but to also continue to help others and to develop an understanding of the importance of helping and serving others.  This summer  we've helped at 'Be Beautiful Inside and Out' Surviving Domestic Violence with Fruit of Glory Ministries under the leadership of Dr. Sydel LeGrande and Mr. George LeGrande. We've also served Everyday Blessings Child Placement Agency with a great funfilled 'Game Day' for all of the children on site.

Learning didn't end there! Chef Greg Martin took time to provide us with 'Culinary Skills 101' where he taught us very important food prep, the importance of kitchen sanitation and the best part "How to prepare Chicken Casear Salad." We were stoked amd enjoyed this course tremendously! As we munched on our salads and enjoyed our brewed iced tea we marvelled at the quality of the instructors, and opportunities that have been brought to us this summer in our Daughters of Destiny Camp 2011.

These are just some of the courses and opportunities that we've experienced this summer at Camp we also had the following:

*The Importance of Proper Hygiene and Skin Care with Ms. Susan Burk  a Mary Kay Skincare Counsultant. She also included a make-up session for our high school age mentees!

*We had Ms. Toye Johnson-Vincent  who visited us and instructed us on 'The Importance of Workplace Etiquette' which  included - human relations soft skills developmental skills such as telephone etiquette, professional introduction skills, and  refined office etiquette.'  

*Rhythmic Dance has been brought to us by way of Miss Tonisha Martin via FAMU. Our ladies have throughly enjoyed her instruction and the performance skills that she has taught them throughout the summer.Dance classes have been fun!

MRID Solutions and KTR Enterprises has added tremendously to our Daughters Camp as well by supporting us  as a Gold Partner and by offering our mentee's Career Iniatives  opportunites through workplace mentoring and technology  development opportunities.  As you can tell we have had an exciting summer  and we're kinda of sad to see our Daughters of Destiny Performance and Preparation Camp 2011 end but alas we must get prepared to go back to school for our 2012 Fall and 2012 Spring seasons.

Even though our Daughters Camp is over you too may still make a difference for Daughters of Destiny. What can you do to make a difference in the life of a young lady that may need direction, guidance, and assistance navigating throguh this maze of teenage life in today's post -Columbine  and cyber-bullying generation? What can you do?  Contact us and let us tell you how you can partner with us to make a difference in the life or lives of our young ladies in Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment.   Will you step up and accept the challenge?