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Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring & Empowerment

Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment is a faith based mentoring program for young ladies ages 11 to 18 years old. Our mission is to “prepare young ladies to become positive and productive young women through faith, education, inspiration, and motivation." We welcome all young ladies to join us for a life-changing experience!

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Sisters by faith- Growing, learning, and sharing experiences!

Who Are We You Ask?

Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring & Empowerment is a mentoring program that focuses on the needs of todays young ladies from the the ages of eleven to eighteen years old. If you're in middle school you know what's out there. If you're in high school you know what challenges and trials exist in your classroom, the cafetreria, and in the school's parking lot.  It's so hard to communicate with others the headaches of the "queen bees" and "wanna-bees." But for some of us it's all too real, and even painful.  Well, that's where Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring & Empowerment comes in. We are a faith based mentroing program that focuses on the needs of todays teenage girl whether you're in middle school or high school we're here to help you navigate through the roads that really are not less than travelled.  The humiliation of not being the society expected size 0 or size 1? In Daughters you will learn how to appreciate you and the person that you are growing into!



What Can Daughters teach Me?

First  of all, the trained faith based mentors will be positive role models and do what they have a passion to do and that's help navigate you through this maze of a teenage passage known as life. The journey sometimes not too well travelled. What with the mean girls, cyber-bullying, pressure to have sex, and state required testing it's hard to imagine how most of us have even survived. In Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment we may not know all of the answers, but we're striving and making every endeavor to pursue your answers and walk along side of you to help you describe your destiny and to help you discover the answers that you require to surive, hopefully excel, and face life as a positive and productive young woman. At Daughters of Destiny there are 'real' people. People that care about todays youth and their futures. Here, there are genuine, compassionate, and caring people who would like to really steer you in the right direction. You may think "I'll move forward and give Daughter's of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment a chance!"

Moving On!

Can I dare say it? Maybe I shouldn't, okay, here goes. Life is not easy, sometimes there are things that happen that really, really, suck!  I'm being real. Sometimes we all need someone. Honestly, just someone to care and be honest with us. You need more than those who will instantly agree with you. Not just your friends - they know just about as much information as you do and trust me, that doesn't equal a thimble full of common sense. So, take time to consider what choices that you should make? Consider your alternatives and what you desire your outcomes to  be.          

Come join us! Maybe we can really help you discover your path to your destiny and make some positive and productive change happen in your  future.





Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment is a non-profit 501(c) organization and all contributions and donations are tax-deductible .Daughters of Destiny is a registered trademark name and any duplication or copying without written and authorized permission is illegal.  Daughters of Destiny (®) 2010