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What's Happening You Ask?

Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment Is Proud to Announce the Following

Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment has had three College Graduates this year and nine High School graduates! We are also proud to announce that every girl who has completed our Daughters of Destiny GPA Program has graduated high school successfully! And furthermore, has went on to higher learning, becoming an entrepreneurs or onto gainful employment! We are more than honored and proud to have been afforded an opportunity to be a part of the lives of these young ladies. They may have been counted out, marginalized, underrepresented, some rated as 'Special Needs',some transient, and most from single parent homes but they've made it! And we had the honor of being a part of their growth, and transformation process. We at Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment are indeed proud! They are Ketnie, LauRiece, Kierra, Jaliyah, Aminah, Nia, CarrieAnna, Precious,Christina, Darianna, Armoni, and Jaylin!-(Ms NaJma is a past graduate that didn't get posted)


Here Dear Families, Friends, Community Leaders, Business Leaders and The World Wide Web Are Our Present & Future Leaders! These are the Ladies of Daughters!

Daughters 12th Annual Mother & Daughters Spring Tea "Celebrating the Greatness of Our Mothers"

        Enjoying the Greatness of Our Mothers on Saturday, May 8th, 2024  from 11:00am to 2:00pm at The location to be announced. Join us! And anticipate an awesome time with a great group of young ladies the ladies of Daughters of Destiny! Elegance, fashion, great teas, awesome delicacies, ladylike fun! Come out and teach your young ladies how to enjoy the timed elegance of 'High Tea,' with your friends, your co-workers, daughters, nieces, neighbors, mothers, and aunties too! You can come dressed for tea, or as you are! And you don't have to be a mother to participate or join in on the fun and experience of this day! If you're a mentor bring your mentee, if you have a favorite friend that enjoys dressing up and wearing her hats and gloves bring her! The day will also have great speakers, who will inform, inspire, and make us cry, and smile remembering the "Greatness of Mothers." We will even have a speaker who will inform encourage us to 'Embrace Our Flaws,' and grow! The day's events will be rewarding and prayerfully inspiration with everything that it has to offer.If you missed it don't fret! Just set aside the date "Saturday, May 10th, 2022, from 11:00am to 2:00pm' and Join Us! ( Location to Be Announced on Our Website: DaughtersofDestinyGirlsMentoring@Yahoo.com)                                                                                               

Location: To be announced:-Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm -Tickets: 8.00 prior to the event and 10.00 Day of event- RSVP: Email: DaughtersofDestinyGirlsMentoring@yahoo.com or Phone Us Your Table Reservations, or group ticket sales at (813)842-1157

Teaching a Dance Class or Learning to Step For   

Fitness Is an Awesome Way to Stay In Shape!

Learning About Animal Health Care & Volunteering


Learning to Serve Others Helps Us All Grow! Teaching a Dance Class, Volunteering at Animal Shelters, Feeding the Homeless, And More! It All Makes a Great Difference in the Lives of Others in Need, and In Our Lives at Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring

             What Can You Do to Make A Difference?

   Serving the Homeless and Learning to Care for All Living Things Is Valuable and Honorable.  Ask Us at Daughters of Destiny....                                   All Photos,Images,are ©copyright and® registered protected and cannot be duplicated without express authorization from Daughters of Destiny Gods Jewels, INC 2024