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Our Daughters of Destiny Awards & Recognition Tea

Daughter Wards Tea 2011

Daughters of Destiny Mother & Daughter Tea "Appreciating Generations of Our Mother's"

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, everythings coming my way  What can we say? This years Mother's and Daughters Tea was outstanding! This tea was so much fun. There was several categories, yjay followed our two hour tea time celebration and appreciation of 'Generation's of Mothers'". We wanted to share the importance of the roles that 'Mother's offer in the lives of their daughter's with special guest speakers and topics that highlight the 'Tea Mother topics': We opened the tea with Wanda De La Rosa addressing "Mother's sharing Literacy and Learning- the 1st Role Model- Mother's as Teacher's, the 2nd speaker was Laura Hamilton who addressed "Mother's -Protecting their Children- from 'Bridging Freedom'- Prevent and Stop Human Trafficking. There was an intermission to enjoy our teas and conversation on the topic presented.

Following our intermission was an inviting brunch, Silent Auction, Crystal Auction, and raffles. The last two speakers' were Daughters of Destiny leading executives Co-Director Officer April Walker from the Department of Juvenile Justice addressed: 3rd topic Mother's Defending their Children'. She expressed the importance of 'Listening and Not Just Hearing the Needs of Your Children- Prevent Early Criminal Activity and Not Being Afraid to Parent." The final presentation came from our Executive Director Min. L. Howse who addressed :4th topic "Mother's Covering their Children"- Loving, Directing, and Protecting Your Children." She used several examples such as : the Mother of Moses, Naomi and Ruth, etc.. It wasn't just a day for 'Tea' it was about Community involvement, learning, sharing. A true celebration and recognition of a 'Mother's  love.  

*Wait we didn't STOP there! We had our" Mother and Daughter Spring Fashion Show'  * Recognition of the Following:  *Eldest Mother & Grandmother, and  Mother of the Most Children!

A great time was had by all! It was wonderful to see Mother's and daughter's celebrating their love for each other and shopping with the wonderful event vendors.What a wonderful day! We hope that you will join us for the next Tea. Save the date! Friday, May 9, 2014 from 7:00pm until 9:00pm at the Carlton Arms North Clubhouse 6400 Markstown Drive, Tampa Florida 33617 this location is directly off of Fletcher Avenue northeast towards I-75 north.  


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